Fall Hairstyles Are Coming Soon



It is hard to believe it is already fall. The holidays are around the corner and will be here soon. Are you ready?


If so, you are ahead of the game.

Most of us are not ready yet. We still need to buy gifts, plan parties, and choose outfits. Sanke Salon can help. From helping you get the hottest holiday looks to helping you cross people off your gift list, Sanke has you covered.


Fall and Winter Hair


We have previously written about changing your hair for the seasons. As we transition from summer to fall, we usually mute and tone-down summer’s bright tones. Darker undertones go well with fall’s warmer colors. Then, as we move into winter, we may move to cooler, darker undertones. Whether subtle or dramatic, these hair color changes can help you look great as your skin tone and fashions change with the seasons.


It may seem early to know what will be hot for winter 2022. However, New York Fashion Week offered a great preview of this year’s fall and winter hair looks. We took the notes and can help you get runway styles perfect for your everyday life.


Roots are still trending. Shadow roots give you a finished look but allow more extended periods between salon visits. They are also great to ease into fall and winter looks by blending your summer highlights into a darker winter shade. Combine shadow roots with toner to change your hue for the season entirely.  


Remember the big, voluminous, gorgeous hair looks of the ’90s? They are trending again. While some retro looks take inspiration from older looks, the new trend is more of a redo than an homage. How do you get that look? Long, tapered layers.


The mullet is officially back. However, we are not talking about a Joe Exotic look. The modern mullet has a retro vibe but an edgier look. Blunt bangs and plenty of gradual layers give today’s mullet a refreshed vibe. Today’s mullet looks a little punk and a little classy.


Super straight hair was another big hit on the Fashion Week runways. Straight hair can be a challenge in Houston because of our humidity. Talk to your stylist about treatment options that can help you reduce frizz and let you achieve these sleek, straight looks.



Holiday Styling


Want to look a little extra for your holiday party? Schedule your updo or blowout as soon as you get your party dates. Whether you want a sleek blowout, big Texas hair, or a classic updo, Sanke can help you achieve your holiday look.


If you want an over-the-top holiday look, consider borrowing some hair. Extensions can help you create holiday drama. One of today’s favorites is an extra-long ponytail, which you can achieve with clip-in extensions. Consider getting longer-lasting extensions if you want to look fabulous for the holiday season.


Choosing the right holiday style depends on the event. If you want your stylist’s input on the look, bring your outfit (or at least a picture). Your stylist can help you choose a style that compliments your clothing. If it is a big event, like a wedding, remember you can do a preview day. Book in advance since dates closer to the holidays tend to fill up.


At Home Looks


Even if you cannot make it to the salon, Sanke is here to help you. Some of the holidays’ hottest looks are DIY styles.


Beachy waves are headed from summer to fall and beyond this year. They are a great way to add texture to straight or wavy hair. An unstructured style, they can go with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a black-tie look.


The high ponytail remains a great look. How to make it modern? Straighten your hair, then use a fine-tooth comb to smooth any bumps. Use mousse or styling cream to tame the frizz and fight flyaways.


If a ponytail seems a little boring, add a twist. Start with a smoothed back ponytail, then twist it from the top. Leave the bottom hanging straight. The look combines two classics (the chignon and the sleek ponytail) and gives them both a modern edge.


Another popular and classic look is the super-sleek bun. We have all heard about the messy bun for a few years. It is a favorite style because it is so easy to create. The sleek bun is like the messy bun’s sophisticated older sister. It adds a hint of formality and drama to even basic looks. Pair it with an LBD for a classic and on-trend look.


Combine a headband with beachy waves for a new take on two favorites. Beachy waves are going strong, and a headband dresses up the look. Choose a floral pattern if you want to look super on-trend.


Face framing tendrils have made a comeback. They can finish up your look if you want them super-straight, curly, or wavy. The best thing about them is that you can add them to almost any style.


Low ponytails are another favorite for this year. Unlike high-ponytails, these are not sleek and structured. Instead, they should be loose with some natural texture. Use decadent accessories, like velvet bows, to make the look holiday-friendly.


Of course, we are here for you if you need personalized styling tips or want a pro to create these looks. Ask for guidance during your regular service or schedule an instructional session with your stylist. They can give you a step-by-step tutorial to create your favorite looks.





You already know Sanke Salon can help you with your holiday looks. But, did you know we can also help you with your holiday shopping? From gift cards to holiday hair care sets, we can help you cross people off your gift list.


We know you can get stressed about the holiday season. With so many things to do, it can easily be overwhelming. Just remember that Sanke is here for you. We have covered everything from everyday style to holiday looks and even gifts.

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