Highlights are a fabulous option, whether you are a hair color veteran or new to the coloring world.  They are a versatile way of changing your hair color and can give you results ranging from subtle to bold.

What is highlighting?

The simple definition of “Highlighting”: making selected sections of your hair lighter than the base color.  This can be done with lightener or hair color.

Highlighting Techniques

Highlighting techniques can vary widely from stylist to stylist, from hair painting such as Balayage to traditional foiling. The important thing for you know is your desired look, the stylist will determine the best technique to achieve that look for you.


When a stylist uses foils to highlight your hair, the foil functions as a physical barrier between the selected section of hair and the rest of your hair. The stylist uses a small comb or another tool to select a section of hair.  The stylist places this hair on top of a piece of foil then applies the bleach or color.  Next, the stylist folds the foil over the hair.  In addition to protecting the other hair from bleach, the foil serves to accelerate processing time.


Hair Painting

We are one of the top hair painting salons in the entire Houston area.  So, what is hair painting?  It is any method of hair coloring that uses a freehand technique to color your hair. 

Balayage remains the hottest trend in hair painting.  Derived from the French word for sweep, balayage refers to painting or sweeping highlights onto your hair.  The freehand approach lets a stylist select  a section based on where they fall when your hair is done.  The result is an effortless, natural-looking color.  The most remarkable thing about balayage is that it delivers a natural “lived in”, low maintenance look.

Are highlights better than all-over color?

What is best for YOU is what’s best. Period. We will give you all of the options during your consultation, even make suggestions based on our experience, but ultimately it’s YOUR hair and you have to love what you see in the mirror.

Are lowlights the same as highlights?

The simple definition of “Lowlights”: making selected sections of your hair darker than the base color.  If your hair is in lighter side of the color spectrum, light brown to blonde, lowlights are a wonderful way add depth and dimension.

Stylists use the same techniques to apply lowlights as we use to apply highlights, from foils to Balayage to 3D Balayage.  

Can I combine highlights and all-over color?

Absolutely.  Many people want an all-over color to eliminate gray. Highlights in any form are able to be done in colored hair to avoid a “flat” (one dimensional) hair color.

Experience the Sanke Difference

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