Hottest Haircuts for the Winter



Need to refresh your look this winter? We can help you get any of the season’s hottest looks. Retro and classic are both really in for Winter 2021-2022. These versatile cuts feature a bit of whimsy, making them great styles to transition from winter to spring.


The Princess


You may have heard it called the Bixie, but we call the look the Princess. This cut, which is half-bob and half-pixie, is showing up everywhere. You have probably seen a version of it on Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown. The 80s are still hot in terms of fashion, and Diana’s hair was an iconic 80’s look. 


What sets this look apart from other styles? Layers, layers, layers. That is a highly textured look. We can use razor cutting or scissor cutting to create movement and layers. Also called shattered, it can help you get a thick look that still looks light.


Why is it a great look? One of the reasons we love the Princess is that it is very low maintenance. Because of all of the texture and layers, it grows out well. Miss a scheduled haircut or two, and you have a shaggy bob or lob. It also works on a variety of face shapes. We take your face shape into account to help pick the right length and where your layers should hit. You can wear it with or without bangs. If you opt for bangs, a short curtain bang has the traditional 80s feel, but we like a wispy modern look, as well.


The Socialite


A blunt, one-length lob is a modern classic haircut. Shoulder-brushing one-length cuts are hardly anything new. So, what makes today’s lob stylish? Remove bulk from the ends to keep it looking light and airy instead of heavy. 


One of the best things about this look is that it is versatile. Style it straight and smooth for a classic look.   Use a flat iron to create waves. If you have natural curls or waves, scrunch and air-dry for a beachy look.


The Flapper


Looking for a classic look that still manages to look edgy? Consider the flapper. Also known as the French bob, this is a short bob. It should hit between your cheekbones and your chin. 

What sets the French bob apart from a traditional bob? Great bangs. Combine it with some wispy fringe and bevel it to highlight your features.




Super short hair is everywhere. The pixie has been a classic cool-girl cut since Audrey Hepburn began rocking the style in the 1950s. Of course, we like more of a wild-child vibe with our pixie. Twiggy’s iconic pixie is still one of our all-time favorite looks. 

Want to add a modern twist to your pixie? Add a fringe. Pixies are not just for people with straight hair. There is just about nothing cuter than a great curly pixie cut. Make it modern with soft wispy bangs. A wispy bang also helps super short hair look feminine.   


Friends-Inspired Hair


Remember when every other haircut out there was inspired by Rachel or Monica? Well, shoulder-length hair with face-framing layers is having another moment. What makes this different from the iconic 1990’s look? While the look still uses short, choppy layers to create drama and movement, the look is lighter. The layers are less choppy. However, they still frame the face and highlight your features.  


Wispy Bangs

Curtain bangs have been in for the last few years. However, they are starting to feel a little heavy. Transition away from the curtain bangs with a light wisp or fringe. Wispy bangs give you the same great face-framing of heavier bangs but a lighter, airier look. 


The Bob


While the bob never goes out of style, it has hit different notes over the decades. Initially, the bob was a rebellious cut for women rejecting traditional long hair. Then, the bob became a classic “country club” look. It is associated with everything from high-fashion to gothic looks.


What bob is hot right now? Think shorter. If you have been wearing a lob cut, consider cutting off the length and adding blunt lines to modernize that look. Get rid of your bangs for a thoroughly classic bob. Pair it with a headband and channel your inner 1980s preppy. Smooth it out and pair it with a classic red lip and thick mascara for a timeless look.


A Buzzcut


You may be surprised to know that buzzcuts are hot for winter and the coming spring season. Ultra short cuts are low maintenance and let you show off your facial features.


Is a buzzcut suitable for you? It takes a certain level of confidence to carry off the look. It can also look masculine. If you want a feminine look, you may wear more makeup or wear makeup more often. 


What do we love about buzzcuts? We celebrate feminine beauty. We love that a buzzcut reveals the entire face. We also love that their short length means you can experiment with wild colors without worrying about damage. 


Invisible Layers


Are you growing out your look? Love your length, but a little bored with your current cut? We can help you keep your length while still updating your look. We do it with something called “invisible layers.”


What are invisible layers? You may have heard them called undercover layers or secret layers. That is because these are layers that are not noticeable. Old school layers involved cutting hair straight across. The result was definable layers of hair. Invisible layers taper the hair but without any discernible line. 


Invisible layers are great to use from crown to chin. These face-framing layers help create movement and bounce in the hair. It adds whimsy. These layers are very different from the also-popular retro Friends look.


The Shag


Shag haircuts come and go. When styles are more classic and rigid, shag haircuts tend to be less popular. That is because shags often have an unfinished look. However, we love an excellent shag haircut with an otherwise classic look. It provides a significant update to a look that has gone in and out of style for 50 years or more.


What makes today’s shag different? We love the addition of a wispy bang. As you can tell, wispy bangs are having their moment, and they are the perfect addition to a shag haircut. 

Come On In


Ready to try one of these hot new styles? Call and book your consultation today. Our stylists can help you customize any of these great looks so you get a fresh, modern haircut that looks perfect for you.

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