Men’s Haircuts

Men deserve nice-looking hair.

Most men want a gorgeous head of hair.  However, some men view it as “girly” to take care of their hare.  However, getting the right haircut and using the right products is just as crucial for men as for women.

A great haircut addresses hair loss.

When talking about men’s haircuts, we need to address the elephant in the room: hair loss.  Many men experience some degree of hair loss as they age.  Up to 80% of men experience hair loss in their lifetimes.  There are products you can use to help you maintain the hair that you have.  Some products can even promote some regrowth of hair.  In addition, you can use products to help thicken your existing hair.  All of these can help you make the most of your hair.


Texture is also important.

 When you pick out your haircut, you need to consider whether your hair is thick or thin, straight or curly.  The key to a great everyday style is working with your head of hair.

Are you going to fix your hair?

Some of our male clients blow their hair out each day; others want wash and wear style. Where do you fit on that scale? Being honest about your willingness to style your hair and use products can help us guide you to the right hairstyle.

Do you have facial hair?

Facial hair can make a difference in how your haircut looks. If you are looking for a dramatic change, your stylist may advise that you grow out, trim, or shave facial hair, depending on your desired look. Not every haircut goes well with a beard. Likewise, some haircuts look better with some facial hair.

Are you ready to up your style game?

If you are tired of the gimmicks and ready for a high-quality haircut, visit us. We can put a professional spin on your existing style or help you create a whole new look.

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