Are you thinking about highlights?  If so, you have probably contemplated balayage.  One of the most captivating hair color trends of the last decade, balayage remains a popular color trend.  It is a great way to get healthy, low-maintenance, fabulous hair color.

What is balayage?

Besides being one of THE most mispronounced words in the salon (we’ve heard it all, seriously)  the technique itself is also a mystery to most clients. First off, it’s pronounced “Bah-lee-ajh”.  But, dont’ worry if you can’t pronounce it, we know what you mean anyway.

The technique is originally French, and the word means “to sweep”. 

It is a freestyle hair painting technique, which allows a stylist to place highlights throughout the hair to achieve a “lived in” look.

If any single hair trend defines the last decade, it would have to be balayage.  The results look effortless and sunkissed.  Even when the contrast between the highlights and the base color is dramatic, the look is still low-maintenance. 

How does my stylist do balayage? 

Hair painting or “sweeping” is what defines balayage.  However, stylists can take several different approaches to achieve the look.

How we approach your hair color process depends on your desired results.  That is why we have a consultation with clients.  Once we understand your desired look, we will craft the right balayage strategy for your hair. 

Can balayage be used with other colors?

Absolutely.  While highlighting techniques generally refer to putting bleach/ lightener on selected sections of hair,  the same procedure allow us to infuse different colors into your hair, such lowlights or vibrant colors.


What is 3D balayage?

At Sanke Hairdressers in Kingwood, TX, we have become known for a technique called 3D balayage.  3D Balayage is a new technique developed by a stylist in California named Emmanuel Andrade.  The technique is an advanced balayage technique that can achieve a wide variety of looks, from intensely blonde to subtly sunkissed. With 3D Balayage, all looks will have a low maintenance regrowth.  

Is balayage better than foil highlights?

One is not better than the other, It’s your hair, your choice. 

The highlighting technique we decide to use for you depends not only on the results that you want, but the also maintenance you want. It’s your choice. We will make sure you understand the difference during your consultation.

We have a reputation as one of the best hair painting salons in the entire Houston area.  With our artistic process and training, we help you create the haircolor of your dreams, no matter which technique we use.