Hair Treatments

Is your hair missing something? Does it feel lifeless, look dull, or show signs of damage? If so, we definitely have a hair treatment that can transform your hair and return it to feeling strong, shiny, and healthy.

We offer a wide range of hair treatments.

Choosing the right one for you depends on your hair’s condition and what you plan to do with your hair. Your stylist will be happy to recommend treatments based on your specific hair needs.

Keratin Treatments

Do you want smooth, silky hair that can handle our Houston humidity without getting frizzy? If you are like most of our customers, the answer to that question is yes. Keratin treatments are one way to help you reach those hair goals. A consultation is recommended before booking a Keratin treatment.

Keratin is a natural protein in your hair. However, everyday things can cause your hair to lose that keratin. Things like chemical services, heat styling, the sun, and environmental damage can deplete keratin in the hair. That increases the hair’s porosity, which also increases the likelihood of frizz.

Keratin treatments replace the keratin in the hair. They are semi-permanent and can leave hair with less apparent damage. Keratin does not restructure hair. It is a coating on the outside of the hair shaft. However, it is a long-lasting solution. It provides the look and feel of healthy, frizz-free hair for up to four months.

To give you a keratin treatment, we start by using a clarifying shampoo to remove any build-up on your hair. Next, we apply a treatment with high levels of keratin. We then blow dry the treatment into your hair. Then we use a heat tool to bond the keratin into your hair.

Keratin treatments can be time-consuming. Depending on the length and condition of your hair, a keratin treatment can take anywhere from one and a half to two and a half hours. However, most people think the results are worth it. Hair looks stronger, shinier, and healthier. Treated hair is frizz resistant, even in a Houston summer. Hair is also easier to style and dries more quickly.

While they are fabulous, keratin treatments are not for everyone. The more frequently you wash your hair, the faster the keratin rinses out. So, if you wash your hair daily, it might not be an economical option. You also have to leave your hair alone for up to 48 hours after the treatment. If you put your hair up, you can cause dents in your hair. If you wash your hair, you can remove the keratin and cause it to not last as long as possible.

We also get questions about keratin and curls. While you may associate keratin with straightened hair, you can get keratin treatments on curly hair. If your hair is mildly wavy, the treatment will most likely relax it completely. The curlier your hair, the more likely the result will be easier to style, relaxed curl.

Finally, while keratin can make your hair look and feel healthier, it does not repair your hair.  The keratin itself is not damaging.  However, you need high heat to lock it in. If your hair is super-damaged, the process could result in more breakage and further damage, which is why we recommend a consultation before booking a keratin treatment to ensure it is the correct treatment for you.

Conditioning Color Gloss

A gloss is a demi-permanent hair color. It ranges in shade from clear to black. It makes your hair appear shinier by smoothing the cuticle of the hair. It also contains conditioners. Glosses do not provide the same hair restoring benefits as other treatments. Still, they are a gentle way to make your hair look shinier. Glosses can also referred to as toners to help correct the tone of your hair.

Deep Conditioning Masques

Deep conditioning treatments smooth the cuticle of your hair. by depositing targeted ingredients based on your hairs specific needs. They can add moisture, strength, shine, color protection, density, taming the frizz. Deep conditioning treatments can make your hair look and feel better. They can give you softer, shinier, fuller, more manageable hair.

Fusio Dose

Fusio-Dose is our most popular and powerful deep conditioning treatment. It is a SUPER DOSE of the ingredients contained in a Masque treatment. We are able to fully customise a Fusio-Dose treatment just for your specific hair needs, such as: color protection/strength, or frizz taming/moisture, or curl control/blonde toning. Whatever your hair needs, your stylist will recommend a Fusio-Dose combination just for you.

Call for Your Consultation

If you think you need a hair treatment, we urge you to start with a consultation. Most people have similar complaints about their hair. They want it to feel softer, look shinier, be more manageable and have less frizz. However, knowing why your hair looks dull, dry, or damaged is an essential first step to fixing it. We would be happy to look at your hair’s condition and tell you which treatment can help you achieve your hair goals.