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Hair Salon, Kingwood TX

At Sanké Hairdressers in Kingwood, TX, we want to do more than provide great hair-care services. We want to create an oasis from the outside world for the women and men who visit us. When our clients walk through the door, we want them to know they are in a place where they can relax, be themselves and enjoy the positive energy of our salon.

We believe at Sanké Hairdressers that continuous training of our already talented staff is critical to providing exceptional service. That’s why we encourage our stylists to seek out educational opportunities themselves. We also provide in-house training for our team by inviting outside artists to come into the salon for classes, as well as sharing knowledge amongst ourselves when we learn new things. In addition, we occasionally send our stylists to train at Academy 314, the corporate training facility for Sanké Hairdressers Belgium,  for an international training and life experience opportunity not found elsewhere. Elevated stylist training results in an elevated salon experience for each of our clients.

Hair Cuts

A great haircut starts with picking a cut that will not only flatter you, but also one that you will be able to maintain at home. To decide on the right haircut, you need to consider several factors:

Your stylist will discuss these factors with you in a thorough consultation and make sure you understand how to care for your style at home: from blow drying/styling techniques and tools, to products necessary to recreate your salon look at home.

Hair Color

We have a reputation for offering the best coloring services in the area. We have three Redken Certified Hair Colorists on our team, with more seeking Certification soon. We constantly strive to stay current with the latest there is to know in hair color; from hair, painting, to gray coverage, our team will provide you with a knowledge base, an artistic approach to customize your hair color experience. A creative process to create precise and natural results.

The application/technique is just part of what makes an excellent color service. Your hair history (think years, not months) is crucial for your stylist to know before you both decide on your hair goal. Armed with the proper knowledge, we can take steps to ensure you get the color you want and protect the integrity of your hair.   

New to our salon? We encourage you to start with a consultation.  Our consultations are always complimentary.  A consultation is vital to ensure your stylist can properly assess the condition of your hair and decide on the best service to achieve your desired look. In addition, some services are quicker than others, so an evaluation is important to have adequate appointment time booked for you.


Not that long ago, having thick, full, gorgeous long hair was primarily a matter of luck and genetics.  However, extensions have grown into widespread use.  They allow people who struggle to grow their hair or have naturally thin hair to get long, thick, luxurious hair.  Extensions MUST have a consultation before scheduling. Extensions are a commitment; during your consultation, your stylist will make sure you understand how to care for and maintain your new hair.


Do you have an upcoming special event, photoshoot, or another event where you want to look your best?  Let us handle your hair.  From stunning updos to glamorous waves, we can help you create an iconic look for yourself.

Why Choose SankÉ?

Kingwood has a few salons that devotees consider the best of the best.  While we are happy to be among them, you may wonder why we think we should be your choice.

Our answer is simple.

At Sanké Hairdressers in Kingwood, we are proud to be a stylist’s salon.

We recruit the top talent in the area, focus on continuous education, share knowledge peer to peer, and even provide our stylists the opportunity to travel to Belgium for training at Academy 314, Sanké Hairdresser’s home base. (Sanké Hairdressers started over 20 years in Belgium and has 22 salons in Belgium.)

Why is it so important to us to be a stylist’s salon?

When stylists are happy and well-supported by their salon team, they can be the artists they truly are at heart, and focus entirely on their client.  With a supportive salon atmosphere, we create a friendlier, more joyful, more creative, and more collaborative salon for our clients.  The company slogan is “Happy People with a Creative Mind”, and we are happy to share our creative joy with all who visit Sanké Hairdressers.

The “I” Moment Experience

At Sanké Hairdressers, we invite our customers to come in for their “I” moment.

Your time at the salon should be more than receiving a hair service; it should be an opportunity to refresh, relax, and recharge.  It is your chance to leave your worries at the door and indulge yourself. 

From the moment you walk in the door, our staff focuses on giving you an excellent experience, from friendly smiles and greetings from the front desk to your reassuring consultation, to your relaxing scalp massage at the shampoo bar, to your offered beverage choice, to your prescribed product maintenance routine, to your finished style when you walk out the door.  We will ensure that you feel relaxed and pampered the whole way through.

Relaxed does not have to mean slow.  Most of our clients are busy people with busy lives.  Nothing is as frustrating as waiting for things to happen when you have a to-do list.  If time is a concern for you, we can offer time-saving techniques for your service that will not compromise your salon experience.  

Experience the Sanke Difference

Explore the Sanke difference.  We think you will agree that our approach  provides a unique salon environment that lets you enjoy your “I” moment.

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