Sanké Hairdressers Careers

We pride ourselves on being a salon for stylists. Of course, we want our clients to be happy, but we know that the key to satisfied clients starts with happy stylists.

At Sanké, we believe that a stylist should have a stable, financially rewarding, promising career. We respect the industry, and we respect industry professionals. That was what drew owner Lisa McSwain to Sanké Hairdressers, Belgium. Their attitude towards stylists perfectly matched what Lisa wanted to create in her salon. It has been an enormous success. Sanké Hairdressers, Kingwood is one of the best salons in the area regarding client satisfaction. It also provides a supportive working environment for industry professionals.

Do you enjoy learning?

We have heard being a hairstylist described as a calling. To become a great hairstylist takes hard work, education, and a commitment to continued education to learn new and evolving styles. It is not just a calling but also a career that requires an ongoing dedication to the craft.

At Sanké, we believe that even the very best stylists have more to learn. We take opportunities for education, including sending stylists to Sanké’s Academy 314 in Belgium twice a year.

Do you want to be coached and mentored to achieve your career goals?

You know that being a successful stylist and being a talented stylist are not the same thing. Creating beautiful hair is not enough. You have to understand the business side of hair salons to achieve your career goals. At Sanké, we focus on developing you as a professional. We help you define your career goals and establish a plan and timeline to reach them.

Do you like being a supportive team member in a creative, collaborative atmosphere?

Even the best stylists have bad moments. Working in a collaborative atmosphere means you have a whole team to call on when you are challenged. At Sanké, we help and encourage one another. That means that if you find a client’s request challenging or find yourself dealing with a problem, you have a team of experts to help you resolve the issue. It also means we expect you to be there for other stylists. At Sanké, we work together to provide continuous education and growth. We ask questions. We help each other.

Collaboration is great for your professional growth. The beauty industry is constantly changing. Having a collaborative environment means that you learn from and teach your peers. The results indicate we can offer our clients cutting-edge global hair trends, helping us retain our position as local industry leaders.

Collaboration is also great for the working environment. Have you ever worked at a salon with a diva stylist? You know, the stylist who is amazingly talented but incredibly difficult as a coworker? At Sanké, we do not have any divas or star stylists. Instead, we have a team that is committed to helping everyone achieve professional and artistic excellence.

Does Sanké sound good to you?

Come meet the team! We encourage new prospective team members and cosmetology students to come for a shadow day with us. You’ll come to hang out for a while, see how the flow of the salon and ask as many questions as you like. You’ll learn about the vibe of the salon and see if it’s a fit for you. A shadow day does not require an application.