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Sanké Hair Extensions

Are you wondering if hair extensions are right for you? They are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. However, because high-quality salon extensions can be an investment, it is vital to learn more about them before committing.


Hair extensions are additional hair that you add to your own hair to increase length, volume or add dimension with color. Temporary hair extensions can be put in yourself at home. Professional permanent hair extensions are put in at the salon only. These extensions can last several weeks or even months depending on the type of extension method and how well they are maintained.


Temporary hair extensions can be put in yourself or your stylist can put them in for you in salon. The common types are:

  • Halo Hair Extensions
  • Clip In Hair Extensions
  • Ponytail Clip In Extensions

Temporary Hair Extensions are great for clients who do not want the commitment or expense of permanent hair extensions. They are great for kids attending prom, for brides who want fuller hair on their wedding day, photo shoots, or even for a glam night out.


If you are looking for a permanent type of hair extension, here are few options we offer in salon:

  • Volume Weft Extensions
  • Hand Tied Extensions
  • Keratin Tip Extensions
  • Microlink (Beaded) Extensions

These extensions come in many different shades and lengths. During your consultation, your stylist will examine your hair to determine the extension method best suited for you and your lifestyle.


A few frequently asked questions are, can I do normal activities with hair extensions? The answer is yes, however the harder you are on your hair and hair extensions, the shorter the lifespan. You can exercise with hair extensions, swim with them, wash them and color them. Another question, do extensions require special care? Yes. For many extensions, you can wash and dry your hair as you usually would. However, you may need to change products. Your stylist might recommend a shampoo and conditioner in the salon that would be gentler on your hair. How long do extensions last? It is a two part question. How long the actual hair extensions last and how long they stay in your hair.

You can reuse high quality human hair extensions several times as long as they are cared for and maintained with salon quality products. Depending on the application method, the extensions can last six months to a year. You will need to come in during that time to refresh the extensions.

The application method has a lot to do with how long extensions last between maintenance appointments. Sewn in extensions can last six to eight weeks. Microlink extensions can last eight to twelve weeks.


Are you still wondering if hair extensions are right for you? Want to find out about your options? We encourage you to schedule a consultation. At your consultation, you and your stylist can discuss whether you are a candidate for extensions. We can also discuss the various types of extensions we offer. Your stylist can color match and suggest an extension length. We can discuss whether you will need other services, such as a color or cut, to accompany the extensions. Then, we can plan your appointment.